Trucking Litigation

Trucking industry statistics establish there are over 500,000 trucking companies operating as interstate carriers and thousands more operating solely as intrastate carriers.  There are approximately 4 million commercially licensed truck drivers in the United States.

Recent studies have calculated the total number of miles logged in the United States by commercial drivers per year as over 400 billion miles.  There are approximately 500,000 accidents per year that involve a truck, but only about 15% of the accidents are determined to be the fault of the truck driver.

Grimm Vranjes Greer Stephan & Bridgman LLP has defended trucking companies and their drivers for over thirty years.  We have aggressively represented them in every type of transportation litigation including:

  • Cargo Damage/Loss of Product
  • Department of Transportation Compliance Issues
  • Human Resources and Employment Issues
  • Personal Injury
  • Transportation Insurance Issues
  • Wrongful Death

The transportation attorneys at Grimm Vranjes Greer Stephan & Bridgman LLP understand the concerns you have when you face litigation, and will partner with you every step of the way, from investigation to trial and to appeal.  We will also work to conclude your situation in the most cost-effective way possible, whether that is an out of court settlement, negotiation, or other alternative dispute resolution.

Grimm Vranjes Greer Stephan & Bridgman LLP is ready to represent you during your transportation litigation case.