Real Estate Agent/Broker Errors and Omissions

Real estate transactions are incredibly complex and complicated, and even under optimal conditions and diligent oversight, errors and omissions can occur. Allegations of real estate agent impropriety or misconduct can have significant effects on the ability of a working professional to earn a living or maintain a positive reputation within industry circles.

Since 1976, Grimm Vranjes Greer Stephan & Bridgman LLP has defended real estate professionals in a variety of errors and omissions cases including:

  • Failure to Disclose
  • Dual Agency Issues
  • Close of Escrow Issues
  • Fiduciary Duty Issues
  • Contract Disputes
  • Property Disposition
  • Affirmative Misrepresentations

Our real estate agent defense practice attorneys dedicate themselves to understanding current trends and developments throughout the industry. We appreciate the fact that real estate brokers and agents work in a unique business, one that involves substantial sums of money, complicated transactions, and highly-charged emotions, and as such they are particularly vulnerable to lawsuits and other legal actions that may or may not be justified.

That is why we always endeavor to find the most economically and legally satisfying conclusion to your dispute, whether that is through mediation, negotiation, arbitration, or other alternative dispute resolution. However, we will never hesitate to litigate should the situation merit it, and our proactive approach towards case management means that our clients and their insurance providers and agents will never want for communication or a realistic appraisal of the situation.