Products Liability

The manufacturers, distributors and retailers of any product can be held liable for physical injuries or other damages that occur during the intended use of the product if the product is defective in its design or manufacture. Determining whether a product is defective – whether it differed from the manufacturer’s design or specification, or it did not perform as safely as an average consumer would expect – requires involved investigation and analysis by counsel and qualified expert witnesses.

Grimm Vranjes Greer Stephan & Bridgman LLP has defended hundreds of companies in a diverse number of industries involved in product liability cases that include:

  • Labeling Issues
  • Defective Design
  • Defective Manufacture
  • Compromised Safety Features
  • Improper Use of Product/Off-label Use
  • Breach of Contract/Warranty
  • Inadequate Warning

Whether you are involved in a breach of warranty dispute, a manufacturing or design defect, or product liability negligence issue, our firm is ready to combine its comprehensive defense strategy that emphasizes our insight into complex technical and engineering concepts with a dedicated goal of securing you a favorable result.