Pharmacy Malpractice Litigation

Pharmacy malpractice litigation occurs when a plaintiff alleges personal injury or death due to the negligence of a pharmacist or pharmacy.

Grimm Vranjes Greer Stephan & Bridgman LLP has been defending pharmacies, pharmacists and pharmacy technicians against claims of negligence or malpractice since 1976.

Pharmacies and pharmacists are often blamed for the negligence of a physician or pharmaceutical company with regards to:

  • Improperly prescribed medication
  • Incorrect dosage instructions
  • Defective drugs
  • Unreported adverse events

A pharmacy and pharmacist can also be charged with breach of duty for:

  • Failing to provide adequate patient counsel
  • Prescribing medications without a license
  • Dispensing the wrong medication to the patient
  • Dispensing the incorrect dosage to the patient
  • Improperly compounding drugs
  • Filling an order without a valid prescription (common for “internet pharmacies”)

We have worked with pharmacies and pharmacists for over 35 years and have successfully defended our clients from false or egregious accusations. Our attorneys provide an aggressive and effective defense with your rights in mind.