Environmental & Toxic Tort Litigation

Environmental and toxic tort litigation presents a number of unique challenges for corporations in California. Due to an ever-increasing number of complex, often contradictory regulations and statutory compliance issues, many businesses find themselves facing lawsuits from litigants emboldened by media-fueled horror stories based on poor science, bureaucratic inaction and greed.

Fear plays a significant factor in environmental and toxic tort litigation. Many plaintiffs will attempt to seek compensation for future damages, health concerns and diminished property values due to trace chemicals and exposure to environmental “contaminants” that current science deems safe in their concentration and frequency, because they are afraid of the long term impact.

Grimm Vranjes Greer Stephan & Bridgman LLP has over 35 years of legal experience representing corporations, enterprises, municipalities and other entities charged with violating environmental safety laws and regulations. We also perform investigation to locate all insurance companies responsible for indemnifying our clients against claims of toxic tort or other environmental allegations.

Some of our past cases include:

  • Soil contamination due to perchloroethylene (PCE)
  • Soil and ground water contamination due to toxic metals
  • Vapor intrusion barrier remediation
  • Personal injury due to exposure to pesticides and insecticides
  • Personal injury and property damage due to mold

We also have extensive experience defending companies, corporations and other enterprises against accusations of environmental damage brought by federal and state agencies. Our toxic tort team is well-versed in the procedures necessary to deal with the numerous county and state agencies commonly associated with these suits. We will pursue every possible avenue to reach a mutually-agreeable solution for all parties involved.